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Apparently the application you are trying to use utilizes URLs that include absolute DOS paths -- a practice that for security reasons is not encouraged any more.  Our recommendation is to modify the application so that it uses the conventions described in the Locating and Addressing Scripts chapter of the FoxWeb documentation.  Alternatively you may configure FoxWeb to allow full paths in URLs in the FoxWeb Control Center.

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Sent by hernan Parga on 06/27/2003 08:59:10 AM:
Probably  this   is  a basic error, but someone bring to me a aplication made in  foxweb.
I install the foxweb and VFP in the server,  and put the  aplicaton  there. The aplication  should work automatically,  but when  i run  the  page,  send me this error

Error: Invalid URL

This server is not configured to support full paths
any  hint?