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We are happy to announce the release of FoxWeb 2.5 -- a maintenance update, containing a number of fixes that should improve the performance and stability of FoxWeb servers.  FoxWeb 2.5 is a free upgrade to all licensees of FoxWeb 2.X and can be installed over such installations transparently.  The setup program can be downloaded from the FoxWeb Web site.
Following is a list of changes in version 2.5:
  • AddScriptTimeout can extend timeout from time of call using bFromNow argument.
  • Fixed problem that in rare cases caused channels to be restarted even after AddScriptTimeout and SetScriptTimeout methods were invoked.
  • Resolved FoxWebCtrl Socket Error 10054 and 10053 issue.
  • Broker does not write 10054 error when the connection with the channel is broken (usually as a result of a channel restart).
  • Channel re-registers with the broker every 30 seconds, to verify that the broker knows it is available.
  • Added code to reject URLs that contain \..\ sequences (this did not work with most web servers anyway).
  • Error handler handles large memvar dumps (thousands of memvars) gracefully.
  • Error handler uses a more intelligent algorithm to parse and log memvar dump.
  • Channels try to re-connect to broker if they encounter a 1440 error within one minute of startup.
  • Added ability to edit FoxWeb Temporary Directory in FoxWeb Control Center.
  • Fixed problem is FWXCompile, which caused it to exit without compiling under certain circumstances.
  • Moved call to set_env at the beginning of www_read to prevent problem when date format is changed with SET DATE command (for example SET DATE BRITISH).
  • Improved speed of Server.ToString method for VFP 6 and above.
  • Response.Write does not translate "%\>" to "%>" any more.
  • Fixed problem that prevented correct error reporting within fw_enter and fw_exit.
  • Fixed problem which caused show_channels to return "No Channels Active" under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed problem which caused show_channels to return incorrect number of pending requests.
  • Auth object can handle single quote characters in userid.

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