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Web-based applications are different from VFP and other event-based applications.  Interaction with the user is not continuous, but rather information is exchanged back and forth whenever the user clicks on a link or submit button.  At that point the browser calls a script on the server, which once executed, returns the results to the browser and breaks the connection.  Temporary files should be deleted at the end of each script, unless you need to use them in a subsequent script.
If this question is related to your previous question about re-sorting the results of a query, temporary files that are used by multiple requests must be cleaned by an external process, which compares the file date/time with the current date/time and deletes the ones that are older than a specific timeout setting.

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Sent by Ramon Agui on 06/09/2003 03:53:18 PM:
can anyone help me to figure out how to know the page will close like in FVP's form destroy event? because i need to clear temp files when the page is closed.