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First of all, thank you for answering  rapidly to my questions.
Can I still use Foxweb 1.29 On Winnt 4 Or May I Upgrade to Foxweb 2.0 ?
Does the following passage concern Foxweb 2 Or every Foxweb Version ?
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 06/02/2003 07:12:32 PM:
First let me start by quoting a passage from our FAQ regarding concurrent users, or sessions:
It is a mistake to measure load on the server in terms of concurrent users. Unlike other protocols, HTTP, the protocol that carries Web traffic does not keep a live connection between a web-based application and its users. Users are not "logged in", but rather initiate a connection when they click on a hyper-link. The connection is broken once the request is served. The whole process typically takes a fraction of a second.
A more appropriate measure of a server's load is requests per hour. A well-written FoxWeb application running on a mid-range server should be able to handle at least 10 requests per second. Assuming a constant load, this number translates to almost 40,000 hits per hour. A high-end server can handle much more (FoxWeb has been tested with a sustained load of 180,000 hits per hour).
If your Web server ever starts bulking at the load, you can simply add more servers by using a load balancing device, such as the Cisco CSS-11000 series content switches, or one of the Coyote devices.
As far as the size of your database is concerned, performance does not depend on FoxWeb, but rather on the efficiency of your queries, the speed of the Oracle server and the network speed connection between your Web server and the Oracle server.
FoxWeb will work with any Windows Web server that supports the CGI interface, including Apache.  For optimum performance on extremely loaded servers you may want to use IIS, because you will be able to utilize the ISAPI interface instead of CGI.  With ISAPI the Web server does not need to load a new process with each request.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by jean-philippe LAPORT on 06/02/2003 12:31:05 AM:
We used foxweb for 3 years ago , in INTRANET applications and we want to upgrade to a National Web Server.
Can we use Foxweb for an Important Network traffic ? Will Foxweb support the capacity of :
- 1 Millions records in an Oracle Database via an ODBC link
- 1000 Connexions/day
- 100 to 200 simultaneous Connexions
- Can we use foxweb on Apache Server For Windows Or Weblogic ?
It's very important for us to have a rapid response. please, Can you help us ?
Here is our configurations :
- Foxweb 1.29c with 2 Channels
- IIS4 on Windows NT WorkStation
Thanks for your help.