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In order to restart FoxWeb you would normally need either physical, or remote control (pcAnywhere, NotOp, etc.) access to the server.  There is no native option to support remote restarts, but you can use the following trick to restart the FoxWeb service:
1. Create a FoxWeb script and place the following code in it:
The Foxweb service is being restarted (<%=DATETIME()%>).
RUN /n restart.cmd
2. Create the file restart.cmd in the same directory as the above script and place the following code in it:
@echo off
net stop FoxWeb
net start FoxWeb
Calling the above script should restart the FoxWeb service.
Regarding the problem with channels becoming unresponsive, we are about to release a new version of the software, which should be able to detect these situations and restart channels if necessary.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Sean Ryan on 05/28/2003 08:14:58 AM:
Taking into consideration - a cleanroom environment, I was wondering if there was a way to administrate the Foxweb channels remotely.  I cannot use many built in remote desktop tools available.
I am familiar with the FWError page, The Show_CGI and Show_Channels page; however, these aren't allowing me to truly admin the system.  Are there built in ways of accomplishing this via a web-page or such?  It is my task to educate a 24x7 NOC center on how to check and admin these without ever touching the box.
Please look at the Status below.  I am actually running 6 channels.  Why are only 2 shown?
FoxWeb Channel Status
05/28/03 10:10:50
Channel Server Status
2 Local Waiting
1 Pending Requests


Thanks very much for any assistance.