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I'm running Foxweb 2.11 on Win2k servers
I have run into this problem a couple of times since switching from FW1.x to 2.11.  We have multiple channels open, say 4, I go in and check on a machine and it is only showing 1 or 2 channels in the Foxweb Channel Status window.  The others don't show as busy or unresponsive, they just don't show at all.  Restart channels is enabled and FW is configured in the configuration form for 4 channels, they just seem to disappear over time.
At first I thought it just wasn't showing all the available channels or something;  to be honest I haven't looked very closely at the 2.x docs since we upgraded, we didn't really need the new features.  Looking at this closer though this definitely affects end users, performance is really dogging when we are down to one channel and have multiple users, not to mention we start hitting frequent timeouts (no channels open).
We aren't set up for FWX pages right now, so http://localhost/show_channels.fwx isn't available, I don't know if it would show me anything that the status window doesn't.
It seems like I need to set up some kind of maintenance process to step through channels and restart them when they disappear like this.
Has anybody run into a similar problem?  Any examples of maintenance processes like that?