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FoxWeb 2 stores outbound data to the OutputBuffer property of the Response object.  Provided that you keep buffering enabled, output will stay in this property until either the end of the script, or until you call the Response.Flush method.  The following code illustrates how you can modify the contents of Response.OutputBuffer.  This particular example strips carriage returns (ASCII 10) out of the output:
<%=Response.OutputBuffer = ;
    STRTRAN(Response.OutputBuffer, CHR(13), "")%>

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Eric Havemann on 05/15/2003 01:54:46 PM:
I'm an old dog still using Foxweb 1.2c.  One of the reasons I'm hanging on is that I know exactly the contents of html_out before I release it to the client's browser.  My Foxweb coding can examine html_out after building it (through MergeTxt, etc.) , and take actions as required.  One of our current running Foxweb applications stores the finalized complete html_out string field to a database memo field as an archival "snapshot" of the generated web page just before the program ends and sends it to the client's browser.
As far as I can tell, there is no equivalent way to do this with the new and improved Foxweb.  Foxweb script pages are executed and sent on the the client browser without me having a chance to intervene.  I can't capture/examine/change the buffer contents before the script terminates, and I don't have access to the contents of the buffer within the script.  Am I missing something, or is there an alternative technique that I'm not aware of?