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Currently there's no support for such a feature and I don't think it would be very easy to implement something like this.  We could give you the ability to limit the number of simultaneous requests from the same IP address, but this would cause problems for users that share outbound proxy servers, such as AOL.  The FoxWeb it would appear that all such users are originating from the same IP address.
The session cookie is another way to identify a browser, but there are two problems with this:
  1. The components that assign a channel to a request are not aware of session cookies.
  2. Robots don't usually return cookies, so this technique would not limit them.  A more effective solution would be for you to create a robots.txt file.

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Sent by Pete Cuiry on 05/09/2003 04:58:20 AM:
Here's my scenerio.
A user logs in and I set a cookie.
This user then makes multiple requests for the same scripts which uses up all of my free channels.
Is there any way that in Channel 3 I can check to see if the same user is already utilizing Channels 1 and/or 2?
In effect, I'm trying to find a way to prevent users from unleashing robots on our site.
I've noticed that one particular user/robot accessed the same script 17 times in 1 minute.