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Although I was looking for a more technical alternative, your idea works best. Thanks much.


Sent by FoxWeb Support on 04/30/2003 08:47:14 PM:
The technique used by most sites is to send a password via email to the address provided by the user.  This forces users to enter a valid email address if they want to access the site.
One more thing: You will find that users are way more willing to enter a correct email address if you publish a privacy policy, detailing how you will (or rather will not) sell email addresses, or use them to send SPAM.

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Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 04/30/2003 06:48:32 PM:
Hello. I have a FWX page that uses ASPEMAIL code to send a thank you email to a visitor who registers on my web site. The outgoing email goes through MDaemon. As many may guess, some visitors do not use their correct email address. Is there a way, a quick way, to validate the email address through ASPMAIL or FoxWeb before I add the visitor to the database giving the visitor access to private portions of my web stite. Any help would be appreciated.