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The Session object creates a new session id if the browser does not send a session cookie, so by the time your script runs the session id is already available.  Obviously this session id is not known by the browser until the session cookie is sent back to it with the rest of the script output, but this should not matter to you.
The only situation that may confuse things is that if a browser does not support cookies it will cause a new session id to be created with each request.  There are ways to get around this with some creative use of session variables, but you will need to wait until the second request from a particular user before recording a new visit.

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Sent by Joe Bigelow on 04/24/2003 05:35:45 PM:
Ok, this may be a stupid question, but I want to ask it anyway...
If on the first page that a visitor arrives on on a web site there is a single script that:
m.SessID = Session.GetSessionID()
Is that session id set instantly when FoxWeb cranks up or does it take the fact of a script execution to cause it to be set? I want to track unique visits and it seems the SessionID is the simplest way, if it is there on the first script call that is.
Joe Bigelow