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As it turns out Mozilla 1.3 (and I assume Phoenix as well) has a half-finished implementation of an HTML editor, similar to the one in IE.  We have disabled this feature for Mozilla, until it is more robust and complete.  For now you will have to continue using a regular text field to post messages.  This message was posted with Mozilla 1.3.

FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 04/09/2003 01:19:42 AM:
It seems that the Forum problem you describe occurs with some recent builds of Mozilla.  We will look into it and release a fix shortly.

FoxWeb Support Team email
Sent by John Faithfull on 04/08/2003 03:30:40 AM:
Many thanks for the snappy reply! Excellent support for your excellent product...

BTW, this reply page doesn't work in Phoenix, the new Mozilla-based browser, which I've taken a great liking to. The name, email and subject boxes are OK, but this large text box for the message is inactive.

Admittedly, Phoenix is only a beta so far, but I've had no other problems with anything else.

Is this a Phoenix/Mozilla thing, or at your end?



Dr. JW Faithfull
Hunterian Museum
University of Glasgow