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It seems that IIS6 disables dynamic content by default. There is a dialog under "web Extensions" that allows you to add FoxWeb and specify that Foxweb.dll can be used for dynamic content. If you don't stop and then restart FoxWeb yor get the follwing error.

FoxWeb Message

The FoxWeb Service has returned the following message:

Could Not Connect to FoxWeb Broker.
Broker has probably not been started.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 04/08/2003 10:38:50 AM:
In order for script mapping to work you must specify the full path of the dll or exe program in the IIS configuration -- not just "scripts\foxweb.dll", but rather "c:\inetpub\scripts\foxweb.dll".  For details please refer to the Configuring your Web Server topic in the FoxWeb documentation.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by John Brennan on 04/08/2003 09:59:49 AM:
I have been trying to install FoxWeb 2 on a 2003 server with IIS6. All I get is a 404 error. Nothing seems to hit the FoxWeb. Even  http://localhost/show_channels.fwx returns a 404. Scripts is where I have the exe and the dll. I have associated the .fwx extension with the scripts\foxweb.dll. What might I have missed?