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I should have keyed in the full path in my message. I did have the full path in IIS.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 04/08/2003 10:38:50 AM:
In order for script mapping to work you must specify the full path of the dll or exe program in the IIS configuration -- not just "scripts\foxweb.dll", but rather "c:\inetpub\scripts\foxweb.dll".  For details please refer to the Configuring your Web Server topic in the FoxWeb documentation.

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Sent by John Brennan on 04/08/2003 09:59:49 AM:
I have been trying to install FoxWeb 2 on a 2003 server with IIS6. All I get is a 404 error. Nothing seems to hit the FoxWeb. Even  http://localhost/show_channels.fwx returns a 404. Scripts is where I have the exe and the dll. I have associated the .fwx extension with the scripts\foxweb.dll. What might I have missed?