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As I know a lot about Foxpro, but little about PHP or PERL, I'd like to be able to do this in Foxpro/Foxweb if possible, rather than blunder about with new languages.
Can you suggest a way of reading the contents of a Web page into a Foxpro character string? Sort of like a filetostr() for urls...
I want to combine data from several web pages and redisplay them as a single page. The idea is to be able to provide a single form which will search and return results from several unrelated CGI-based databases in a single page. Copyright is not an issue, but there are no resources to tweak the functionality of the various search sites, so I need to be able to do all the tweaking either client-side, or on my Foxweb server.
If I can read each results page into a separate character variable, the rest of the manipulation should be easy.
Any suggestions?
John Faithfull
Hunterian Museum
University of GLasgow