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I sent you the complete file.
I did increase the timeout value in the control center and it hasn't happened since.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 04/04/2003 12:31:43 AM:
There seems to be an issue with show_channels.fws, which in some cases prevents it from reflecting the correct channel status.  I am surprised to see the Restarting Channel X messages in your log with no additional information indicating what caused the issue.  This may be a channel timeout, but I have my doubts.  Could you please send us a full copy of your fwstart.log?

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Robert Thomas on 04/02/2003 01:39:52 PM:
I am also having problems with channels hanging.  shows no channels active

Here is a small program that runs 24/7

We had to reset the server because all of our scripts just stopped..

Contents of FWStart.log
03/20/2003 15:10:53 Starting FoxWeb
03/20/2003 15:11:23 Restarting Channel 2
03/20/2003 15:41:07 Closing FoxWeb
03/20/2003 15:41:14 Starting FoxWeb
03/20/2003 15:41:44 Restarting Channel 1
03/20/2003 15:41:45 Restarting Channel 3
03/20/2003 15:42:15 Restarting Channel 3
04/02/2003 12:42:24 Closing FoxWeb
04/02/2003 12:42:28 Starting FoxWeb

Rob Thomas