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FoxWeb channels are running in VFP -- there's nothing specific to FoxWeb when it comes to using existing VFP commands.  If you used the /n parameter, then the launched process was created independently of the FoxWeb channel, so it would continue running even if FoxWeb was stopped.

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Sent by Joe Cosby on 04/01/2003 08:18:30 AM:
If I launch a process from Foxweb using the RUN command, is there a time limit on that process?
Say I do
! /n foo.exe
and 'foo.exe' is a program which takes 24 hours or something to run, is there some kind of monitoring in Foxweb which will kill that process after a certain time?  As far as Foxpro itself goes, a process launched like that should continue running indefinitely, as far as I know ...
I had something like this happen the other day, a very long process launched this way died inexplicably.  Of course, it might have crashed for any number of reasons, but I thought I should check and make sure that I wasn't missing something major.