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Further information on this subject...

I have placed an 'error trip' in my script and in the 'Post Data' tabbed page in the Foxweb Control Center I can see that spaces are displayed as follows,


IF A0 refers to a hexadecimal this confirms that CHR(160) is being inserted.  I have also discovered from another source that CHR(160) refers to a   character. 

Message to Foxweb support - is there any way that Request.form('myField') can return spaces as the correct value of CHR(32) instead of CHR(160).  It's a pain to have to do a STRTRAN() on every posted string before I can process it in Foxpro!


Here's another reply I received on the subject from another forum.

"If that character is in there, it's because it's coming down that way from the browser. The easiest way to check this is to look at the incoming request data and see if there's special entity markup applied to spaces. Typically spaces should be marked up with + signs."

Any further help would be appreciated.