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I assume you are referring to an HTML form served by FoxWeb, right?  If yes, then you are looking at the problem the wrong way.  One of the differences between web applications and traditional desktop applications in that the browser does not maintain a continuous connection with the server.  What happens instead is that information is exchanged back and forth whenever a user types a URL, clicks on a link or submit botton, or otherwise causes an HTTP request to be sent to the server.  The server receives the request along with any accompanying POST (HTML form) data, cookies, etc., calls the requested script, sends the script output back to the browser and closes the connection.
Once the connection is closed, no additional interaction occurs until the user sends another request.  The server does not get affected by whether the user stays on a form for a length of time, navigates to another site, or even turns off her computer.
In the situation you described the problem is either caused by a FoxWeb channel that did not properly close the table in question, or by another instance of VFP, accessing the table interactively.  If you have enabled the Close Tables setting in the configuration screen, then FoxWeb will automatically close all tables as soon as your scripts terminate.  If the above option is not enabled, then it is the programmer's responsibility to close tables in the script code, or in fw_exit.prg.

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Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 03/20/2003 09:58:18 AM:
I just realized, I think, that a user accesed a form entry page with an open table and went to lunch. I found this out because I could not reindex and pack that table although I could reindex all other tables.
Is there a way to either (1) close the table, the page, and redirect the user to another page or (2) program in a timer that closes the table and the page after a set period of time?
Also, Is there a way to send a popup message from either the server or from a local computer to the user requesting to finish their work?
Hmmm, This feature would be a cool way to communicate with a particular user either one-way or back and forth not as a chat but just popup and popdown. Hmmm2, perhaps this also is a nice chat feature for me to choose to automaticlly chat with a visitor. Perhaps without using an activex control.
Any ideas to help me with parqagraphs 2 and 3 would be greatly appreciated. Any one with development and implementation ideas for paragraph 4 also would be appreciated.