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A standard method is not to have the user have access to the open table but rather memory variables or a cursor copy. This way the following occurs:
- If data is to be edited, the actual table is only accessed (table is opened) for a brief moment as the needed field values are copied into variables or a cursor (table then closed) and the web page is created with these values in editable mode.
- When the data is to be saved, the actual table is only accessed (table is opened) for a brief moment as the needed field values are saved or appended back into the actual table (table then closed).
This way the risk of a table being left open never occurs and multiple user access is possible. Of course with multi-user access, File Locks or Record Locks are necessary.
Hope this helps.
Sent by Joe Goldsmith on 03/20/2003 09:58:18 AM:
I just realized, I think, that a user accesed a form entry page with an open table and went to lunch. I found this out because I could not reindex and pack that table although I could reindex all other tables.
Is there a way to either (1) close the table, the page, and redirect the user to another page or (2) program in a timer that closes the table and the page after a set period of time?
Also, Is there a way to send a popup message from either the server or from a local computer to the user requesting to finish their work?
Hmmm, This feature would be a cool way to communicate with a particular user either one-way or back and forth not as a chat but just popup and popdown. Hmmm2, perhaps this also is a nice chat feature for me to choose to automaticlly chat with a visitor. Perhaps without using an activex control.
Any ideas to help me with parqagraphs 2 and 3 would be greatly appreciated. Any one with development and implementation ideas for paragraph 4 also would be appreciated.