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The file ChanStat.fwx only works with FoxWeb 1.X.  For FoxWeb 2.X use the built in script show_channels.fwx.  Show_channels will not show you the date/time of the last request, but it will show you the status of each active channel.
FoxWebCtrl 10053 and 10054 errors typically indicate that the connection between the channel and foxweb.exe/dll broke for some reason.  It is not clear why this would be happening, but we don't believe that these errors actually affect user requests.  We are looking on ways to deal with the issue and hope to have a resolution soon.

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Sent by James Williams on 03/17/2003 05:34:29 AM:
I downloaded the chanstat.fwx script and have been using it to monitor the channels. It used to show me the last date & time of a request but this column is now just blank.
I have restarted the service & the server, but no dates & times.
also i am monitoring a lot of FoxWebCtrl Socket Error: 10053 and then channel restarts. No errors are being recorded and the scrips are executing fine. (Why the errors if scripts are being processed ok)
I am running Win2k server & foxweb 2.11
Any suggestions.