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FoxWeb currently requires that the file extension in the URL is "fwx".  Chaning the mapping in your web server configuration may work for most things, but some functionality will break.  In the future we will consider adding the ability to configure the file extension specified in the URL (although file names will remain the same).

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by First Last ("Jim" to frie on 02/26/2003 12:57:05 PM:
In the interests of camouflage/decoying, I want to change the extension of FoxWeb scripts from .FWX to .ABC (or something)
What would I have to do to accomplish this?  (My server is running Apache 2.0)
I tried simply altering the httf.conf entry for the .FWX scripts, but FoxWeb claims the following error:

There was an error during the interpretation of your request.
Error #:      16
Message: Unrecognized command verb.
Line #: 1
Line: <%

It seems that it is trying to interpret the new extension file as a compiled FoxWeb script.  Any help is appreciated.