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The browser, which is where JavaScript code is executed, does not know, or care whether the page was served by FoxWeb.  Most probably there is a different reason why you are getting this error.
From what I remember, JavaScript returns the "Access is denied" error, when the window you are trying to access was served by a different host name than the window that contains the JavaScript code.
For example, if you call a page using, which opens a new window and loads it with, the second window will not be able to access the original window, because the two host names are different (regardless of whether they are pointing to the same server).
My recommendation is to not include the server name in links that open pages in the same server.  Use "/test1.htm" instead of

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Sent by Richard Whittlesey on 02/17/2003 04:34:01 PM:
I am having trouble pass information from a HTML page to a FoxWeb page is their anything special I need to do? I get the result I want when I use a plain HTML page but get a access Denied error when I try it in FoxWeb.
I am using Java Script with a function that calls  opener.Document.formname.optionname.value = value to pass  back to parent  I really am really impressed with FoxWeb    thanks for your help