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The FoxWeb license agreement requires that each virtual host is licensed.  For licensing purposes, a virtual host is defined as the contents of the server variable SERVER_NAME.  This variable is populated by the Web server with the server name specified in the URL.  There's no way for FoxWeb to know whether two different host names refer to the same site, so each of the two hosts must be licensed separately.
You have two options:
  1. Purchase an additional license for your second host name.
  2. If the two host names are equivalent and interchangeable, then you should be able to configure your Web server to simply redirect requests for one of the two hosts to the other.  Assuming that is your primary host, you can configure all requests for to be redirected to  Virtually all Web servers support this feature.  For IIS and PWS you can do this in the Internet Services Manager:
    • Right-click on the web site to be redirected ( and open the properties dialog.
    • In the Home Directory tab click on "A redirection URL".
    • In the "Redirect to" field enter
    • Save your changes.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Bill Bagley on 02/13/2003 08:49:11 AM:
Our comnpany has more than one web address (i.e and, but we can only use one name to access our foxweb scripts.  When I try to add the second name I get an error stating that I am trying to configure more virtual servers than I am licensed for.
Both of these address point to the same website, ip adddress, same program root and use the same code.  There is no difference in the web site, the k9pedigree address forwards to the caninepedigree address. Is there a way to configure foxweb to work so I don't get the "No program root has been configured for domain" error message in the browser.