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In order for a file to be downloadable it must be located in a directory that the Web server can access directly.  From your description it seems that your Web root is c:\usr, which means that files must be located in that directory, or its subdirectories.
If you want you can create virtual directories pointing to the location of your DBF files in your Web server's configuration.  Of course this means that all the files in those locations will be downloadable over the Web.
Another possibility would be to have users download your data files by calling a FoxWeb script.  This script should add your data files (DBF and CDX) to a temporary zip file, read the file into a memory variable with the FILETOSTR command and send it to the browser via Response.Write.  You will also need to set the content type and other HTTP header fields accordingly, as described in the documentation and in the download.fwx sample file.
There are several components that will allow you to create zip files programmatically, some of which are free.  One that we have used successfully in the past is Infozip's zip32.  Their Web site is

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Sent by Roger Stanley on 02/12/2003 08:19:09 AM:
Forgot to mention. I now have the program copy the files to be downloaded to my c:\usr directory which works but is a pain. I'd rather be able to point to the file.
Sent by Roger Stanley on 02/12/2003 07:32:09 AM:
I'm using 1.29c.  I would like to be able to point to a .dbf & .cdx to be downloaded. I looked at the examples and don't understand how it points to another subdirectory.
My server points to c:\usr
My foxweb programs are in c:\foxprograms
My databases are in various subdirectories in c:\foxprograms
If I use <a href="    "></a> how can I point to the file inside the code?
Any help would be appreciated.