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Ive setup a new Windows 2000 Server w/ IIS5 using FoxWeb 2.11, This is an upgrade from NT4 servers running Foxweb 1.29 (although the new server is a clean installation of the OS and all applications.)
I am currently experiencing unacceptable server performance and would like to know if anybody has experienced the problems Im having.
As soon as the foxweb.exe file channel goes from waiting to busy (a single request), the cpu load jumps to a constant 30-40% until the channel is done delivering the web-content to the requesting browser.
My other servers running Foxweb 1.29 & NT4, processor usage idles at about 15% with occasional spikes to 25-30%
Im very good w/ IIS5, and have tweaked the OS and the IIS webserver tremendously.... But im having a problem getting the new platform's performance to an acceptable level.