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Here is what REALLY is happening when I redirect and pass a variable. I cannot figure out how to redirect with a variable's value. Some help is appreciated.

IF Request.FormCount("btnchoice") > 0
 M.nemail = ALLTRIM(Request.Form('nemail'))
 *CHECK FOR DATA ENTRY ERRORS***************************
 error_txt = ''
 IF EMPTY(M.nemail)
  error_txt = 'amerror'
 IF EMPTY(error_txt)
  IF !USED('newslet')
   USE data/pbs!newslet SHARED IN 0
  SELECT newslet
  LOCATE FOR RTRIM(nemail) == RTRIM(M.nemail)

   error_txt = 'BADEMAIL'

Two problems: First, I get and error when I use <% %> within <% %>; Second, I need to pass a value to the called page. Any ideas?