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Just saw your question. Had the same problem and found a piece of server side software that I now use and love. It's called ActivePDF that once installed as a service on your server opens a channel to a PDF printer driver that creates the PDF on disk, passing back to you the name of the file that you can then redirect the browser to. It's an object that you instantiate in VFP and control with parameters. Very nice as it also cleans up after itself every night deleting the PDFs and interim files it has created during the day.
You can find more information at It cost's a little money, but from my position is well worth the expense.
Joe Bigelow
Sent by john hays on 12/16/2002 08:13:12 PM:
Looked everywhere and can't find sample script for printing VFP report to PDF doc.  Anyone have a quick sample to share?