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FoxWeb does not include its own SMTP or POP3 controls, but there are several controls available today, some of which are absolutely free. The page contains a list of some of these controls. The file contains sample FoxWeb code, illustrating how you can send mail with the JMail control. The code can be easily modified to work with other controls.

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Sent by Ronald Olds on 01/22/2003 04:35:10 PM:
I have created a site for a customer and it has a shopping cart and an order page. Once the customers complete their order and submit it, it displays a confirmation page with order number and items ordered which are collected together on the confirmation page. At the same time this page is displayed to the customer, I would like it to be emailed to the client so that he knows he has an order to process. Anyone know a simple way of doing this through foxweb? My web server is also handling my email server which is the mercury32 mail server. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ron Olds