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You can refer to the window that opened the current window by using the window.opener object.  For more details please refer to a DOM reference guide.  The FoxWeb documentation contains several online resources that can help you with this and other DOM issues.

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Sent by Michael Pena on 01/20/2003 01:48:20 AM:
Is it possible to alter the contents of an Input box of Main window via Sub window created by a Javascripts : mMywindow=open("SAmple.html","Sample") ?
I'm creating a program that pops up a window from an Input box after it lost focus (using onBlur=""). This window will display the list of valid codes, which allows the user to choose one of the valid codes displayed, then clicks on the button.  The selected code must reflect on the Main Window (called by the user) on the Input box.  Can this be possble?