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We have installed the new FoxWeb version 2.11 using our existing 1.29 Code (option set).  We will be converting our 1.29 code over as time permits.  But the new server using FoxWeb 2.11 has been  timing out on us today.  When I went back to our developer server (which still uses 1.29) and ran the code.  It reported a bug in a section of my code, that was never reached during our initial testing.  I then edited the code and it fixed the bug on the developer machine.  The 2.11 machine never reported the error it just reported a time-out error (because it past the Time-Out setting).  So if I never had the developer server with 1.29 still on it I would not have found the error without some major debugging time.
My question is when running old 1.29 code on the 2.11 version is there a setting that will get FoxWeb to report errors back as 1.29 did and not just time out?

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