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Nice idea but it doesn't work..., sigh...

The FoxWeb program executes correctly on the server, but nothing happens back on the page. Well, something actually does happen, in the status bar it says "Done, but with errors on page."

I suspect that the "script src" call requires that the stuff processing actually be contained within an external script, not something with javacode returning that the script call is then expected to process because the purpose of the "script src" call is to pass the processing somewhere else and not in the calling web page. Know what I mean? So long as "whatever.js" contains legal javascript commands it works as expected. So, in this case the "whatever.js" appears to be what must make the Foxweb call.

So let me rephrase my query to I suspect be clearer as it being in an external js file or within any body of javascript is I suspect irrelevant. Is there a way to call a FoxWeb program/script from within a legal javascript command? What I think I need to do is stuff a javascript variable, (l_htmlcode),  with the returning text from my fox program, (html code), and then perform the javascript command "document.write(l_htmlcode)". I'd frankly rather write in Fox because I am reading a database with numerous tables to determine what the html code needs to be. But I need to place it in a javascript wrapper to be able to dynamically control sections of various web pages spread across innumerable domains in a sort of affiliate program, (sorta but really not really), by placing that <SCRIPT></SCRIPT> on the necessary pages.

Did I confuse everyone yet?


Joe Bigelow