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We are actually moving away from the Enterprise version.  After conducting tests with beta code, we discovered that a hardware solution, such as a content switch, can be a lot more efficient in distributing requests that a software-only solution with a single Web server and FoxWeb Request Broker component.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Oleg Goncharuk on 01/14/2003 03:01:51 AM:
We've found in FoxWeb documentation reference to "Enterprise version" of foxweb.
"The new Enterprise version of FoxWeb supports the use of
multiple servers to host FoxWeb scripts -- a feature which
can dramatically improve the scalability of your site.
The overall performance of the system can be dramatically
improved because FoxWeb intelligently distributes the load
to the least utilized server. Reliability of the site is also
improved, because if a particular server goes down, FoxWeb
will simply distribute the load to the remaining servers."
Please, tell us where can we get technical and purchase information about this version?