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<form method="GET" action="http://mike/form2.fwx" onsubmit="return verify(this)" name="Form1">

<p><b>Code </b> <input type=
"text" name="Code" size="25" maxlength="60" value ="<%Response.Write(allt(mCode))%>"
&nbsp; <input type="text" name="Title" size="60" maxlength="200" value ="<%Response.Write(allt(mTitle))%>"
<p><b>Class <select size=
"1" name="Combo" style="font-weight: bold">

<option value=
"A" <% if mClass="A"
Response.write(' selected ')
endi%> >Asset</option>
<option value=
"E" <% if mClass="E"
Response.write(' selected ')
endi%> >Expense</option>
<option value=
"L" <% if mClass="L"
Response.write(' selected ')
endi%> >Liabilities</option>
<option value=
"I" <% if mClass="I"
Response.write(' selected ')
endi%> >Income </option>
<option value=
"C" <% if mClass="C"
Response.write(' selected ')
endi%> >Capital</option>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; AR </b><input type="checkbox" name="Check1" value="ON">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<b>Income<input type=
"checkbox" name="Check3" value="ON">&nbsp;&nbsp; Bank <input type="checkbox" name="Check5" value="ON"></b></p>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; AP</b> <input type="checkbox" name="Check2" value="ON">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
<b>Expense<input type=
"checkbox" name="Check4" value="ON">&nbsp; Sub-Account <input type="checkbox" name="Check6" value="ON"></b></p>
<p><input type=
"submit" value="Save" name="B1"></p>

mCode= Request.QueryString("Code")
mTitle = Request.QueryString("Title")
mCombo = Request.QueryString("Combo")
* mCheck1 = Request.QueryString("Check1")

clos data
use CHART in 0
sele CHART
set orde to CHART1
seek padr(uppe(allt(mCODE)),30,' ')
if !foun()
appe blan
repl CODE with allt(uppe(mCODE))
repl title with allt(uppe(mTITLE))
repl class with allt(uppe(mCOMBO))


Database Chart.dbf
code  character 30
Title   character 100
Class  character 1
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 01/14/2003 04:01:05 PM:
The GET method does not work very well with large amounts of data, but by this I mean thousands of bytes -- not hundreds.  Most probably the cause of the problem in this case is not the size of your data.
Make sure that you include quotes around all HTML values and that you use the Server.HTMLEncode and Server.URLEncode methods, where appropriate.
In order to provide additional help we would need to view your code.  Please post both your pages in this Forum.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Michael Pena on 01/13/2003 08:08:15 PM:
I tried using "GET" method form on my first page and created two textboxes on it, and my second page I used the Response.querystring method to get the data, It works fine when I typed about 40 to 50 characters on the input box on the first page, but when I type more than that, the data becomes garbled at the end of the string.  Worse, The other textbox data is also affected, rendering it blank.  What's seems to be the problem?   I read that "GET" method is not very good in getting all the data than "POST" method.  Is that true?  am I doing the wrong thing or what?  Need your urgent reply thanks :-)