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The Restart Channels setting in the FoxWeb Control Center (and in the popup menu of the FoxWeb tray icon).  Please note that in a few cases the FoxWeb Channel Monitor is unable to restart its channels, because the process is locked.
Whenever a channel is restarted by the FoxWeb Channel Monitor, an entry is added to the file fwstart.log in the FoxWeb directory.  This log also lists the URL that was active at the time, so that you can fix the offending script.

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Sent by J. Busker on 01/13/2003 06:01:35 AM:
Sometimes a foxweb application will try to open a table, and if it can't do it successfully, it will open a dialog box requesting user input.  This not only hoses up the session, the foxweb service does not restart after the session time-out period has elapsed.  It just sits in an unusable condition until it is closed manually.  The user just gets a time-out message, and tries again, causing another session to get hung.  Is there a setting in foxweb to handle this condition?