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There appears to be something in your script, which causes program execution to halt and wait for user input.  Most such commands are listed in the Illegal Commands page of the FoxWeb documentation.  If you can't find the offending line by simply looking at your code, you may need to debug your scripts by using the instructions in the Troubleshooting chapter.

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Sent by john hays on 01/10/2003 03:20:14 PM:
This is strange.   When executing a .fwx script the channel hangs and just sits there with the busy prompt.  Here's the strange part.  If i just move my mouse into the busy foxweb channel window (I have the config set to not hide channels) not clicking, but just nudge my mouse pointer into the foxweb channel window, the script finishes and the foxweb channel clears.  Any ideas?
BTW - I have several other scripts that work perfectly.
Thanks for any suggestions / ideas