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Thanks! It's working now!
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 01/09/2003 08:14:24 PM:
The problem is caused by the fact that your browser is using a cached version of the page.  One way to prevent browsers from caching a certain page is to set the Response.Expires or Response.ExpiresAbsolute properties.
Another option would be to write your scripts so that they add a random number to the end of each URL, fouling the browser into thinking that each time the requested page is different.  The ContactMine2 sample application uses this method for all links.

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Sent by Michael Pena on 01/07/2003 07:45:14 PM:
How do you refresh the contents of an HTML page?  I'm trying to make a script that displays a table containing the records of a database.  Then I made a separate HTML page program that adds or edits that database.  Upon calling the previous page that displays the tables, the records that I edited or added did not appear, but when I clicked the refresh button, it updates the page and the new and edited records appeared.  How can you refresh the display without clicking the refresh button on the Internet browser?