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I'm getting an error condition from my site that does not occur on my local host. The current error reports:
There was an error during the interpretation of your request.

Error#          1705
Message:        File access is denied
Line#           5
Line:           ERASE myprocs.fxp
This happens when I try to use the "ERASE my_procs.fxp" command although I got similar messages when trying to access procedures/functions from FWX pages with the following first 2 lines of code in my FWX:
<% SET PROCEDURE TO myprocs.prg
      DO proc1 WITH "myvar" %>
The errors then occured when line 1 or 2 was called.
An FTP 'delete' would remove the 'myprocs.prg' but not the 'myprocs.fxp' and the following line would display.
"550 myprocs.FXP: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. "
It acts like the attribute of MYPROCS.FXP is set to read-only bu it can't be accessed either.
I had this situation before when MYPROCS was called MY_PROCS. It worked fine for a while and then the file locked.
I rewrote everything so that the procedure file became MYPROCS and it worked fine yesterday.
This morning, it locked up again.
Any ideas?