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There are several reasons why you may be getting this problem:
FoxWeb looks for the scripts in a different place than where they are located
Compare the FoxWeb Program Root location with the location of your scripts.  If the FoxWeb Program Root is c:\program Files\FoxWeb\Programs and you are using the URL http://localhost/NameSearch/NameSearch.fwx, then the scripts must be located in c:\program Files\FoxWeb\Programs\NameSearch.
You are using the VFP Run-Time DLL, but you have not manually compiled your scripts
Use the fwxcompile program to compile FWX files into FXP files.  Use VFP's COMPILE command to compile PRG files.
Your FXP files are for a different version of VFP than the one being used by FoxWeb
If you copied your FXP files from another server, it is possible that the other server was running a different version of VFP.  If you are using the VFP Run-Time DLL, you will need to manually compile your FWX files with fwxcompile on a computer running the same version of VFP as the one you selected during FoxWeb setup.  If you are not using the VFP Run-Time DLL, then to fix this problem simply delete all existing FXP files and let FoxWeb automatically re-compile your scripts.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Jack Evans on 01/04/2003 10:39:07 AM:
We are installing a fresh webserver with 2000 AS, IIS and FW 2.11 (with VFP6 runtime).
The system is completely new. The web server can serve static pages from the localhost, and the IP
After installing FW, the /show_cgi call works fine, however we cannot get namesearch etc to run. Every form of URL returns:
There was an error during the interpretation of your request.

Message: Script "NAMESEARCH.FWX" is invalid, non-existent, or has not been compiled

We have tried every possible URL and even tried moving the FWX to other locations.

What are we missing here?