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You have two options:
Use a mailto URL as the action of your form
This will cause the user's browser to invoke a local email client (for example Outlook Express) and send email directly to the address specified in the mailto URL:
<form action="">

The disadvantage of this method is that a (very small) percentage of client systems are not properly configured to send email.

Ask your ISP to install an SMTP component
Chances are that your ISP already has an SMTP component installed on the Web server.  If not, there are several such components available -- some of them for free.  In the past we have used SmartMail, JMail, ASPQMail and EasyMail with no problems, but there are literally dozens of SMTP components available.  Once an SMTP component is available on the Web server, you should probably also install it on your local testing computer, so that you can test your programs.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Gene Gerard on 01/03/2003 12:22:39 PM:
My new site is now up at using FoxWeb.
I normally depend on the pre-installed MS Front Page Extension Library for making my submission (fill-in-the-blanks) forms gather the entered data and email the results to an email address.
However, they don't seem to work or aren't installed from my ISP.
Does FoxWeb have any tools or libraries that will allow multi-field data submissions?