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The Auth object uses the following code to determine the number of unseccessful login attempts:
M.secLoginAttempts = Session.GetVar("secLoginAttempts")
IF TYPE('M.secLoginAttempts') <> 'N'
secLoginAttempts = 0

You can use the same code in your own scripts.

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Sent by James Williams on 01/03/2003 10:22:24 AM:
The reason i ask this question is because i want to record that a user has failed to login after so meny attempts and thier session will be locked out,(as your maxloginattempts property does) but also record against the user the number of times they have been lockedout (every time a lockout a lockout counter in the user table gets increased). So after a number of lockouts that user will be switched off permsnantly.
Can this be done using your auth object.
Sent by James Williams on 01/03/2003 09:18:45 AM:
How can i find out what login attempt a user is on.