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There are two ways to call another script with FoxWeb: Response.Redirect and Server.Transfer/Execute.
Response.Redirect sends an instruction to the browser, causing it to immediately request the URL passed to the Redirect method.  This involves a round trip to the browser and prevents the second script from receiving any of the POST data (form fields, etc) passed in the original request.  A byproduct of this round trip is that the browser's location bar reflects the URL of the second script.
Server.Transfer and Server.Execute do not cause a round trip to the browser -- they simply make sure that the requested script has been compiled into an FXP file (or compile it if necessary), and then use VFP's DO command to call the FXP file.  The Server.Execute command also passes control back to the original script once the second script is finished.  Since all this happens on the server, the browser has no way of knowing the URL of the second script, so the location bar will only reflect the original URL.

FoxWeb Support Team email

Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 01/02/2003 04:46:30 PM:
In my Foxweb scripts I often call another script using Server.transfer('MyNewScript.fwx').  The new script runs fine, but the name of the previous script remains in the IE URL address bar.  I would often like to see the name of MyNewScript in the address bar because: a) It looks odd when you are 5 scripts into the site and the address bar still shows the first page you called, eg. http://localhost/homescript.fwx, b) It is useful for debugging purposes to see what script is running without having to delve into code.
Any ideas on how to achieve this?  Any help would be appreciated.