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We are probably going to upgrade, it is just a question of talking the money persons into it.
It looks like the 2.x API would allow me to try to set a cookie, and then check if it had been set, within the same module/code block.  This would greatly simplify the code, do you know if this is possible?
I know it's at least potentially doable, but it would depend whether the set cookie call would get sent as a separate call before the page load returns, or if it is strictly sent with the page load.  I am not sure from reading the docs if that would work.
If it would, it would be a great argument for me in favor of upgrading, the code is kind of touchy the way it is set up now.
Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/24/2002 11:21:28 AM:
Cookies are sent to the browser in the CGI header of your reply, so there's no way to set and retrieve a cookie in the same request.  The way cookies work, they are sent to the browser in the reply of a request and are then returned by the browser as part of all subsequent requests to the same server.

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Sent by Joe Cosby on 12/23/2002 12:50:14 PM:
So basically, there is no way to set a cookie in 1.29 without reloading the page, is that correct?
Setting a value to Cgi.Cookie isn't going to accomplish anything, as far as I can see.
As far as the code flow I am trying to achieve, if anybody has figured out a way to attempt to set the cookie, and then check whether or not the cookie was set, within the same code block, it would be greatly appreciated.