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Gene Gerard had some good advice (I feel like my last name should start with "J" to fit it here ...) that I would kind of add on.
An HTML editor is the best way to handle layout, bear in mind though, pages created with Frontpage will not always appear predictably in browsers other than Microsoft's.  I've been using the Open Office HTML editor lately, it is very nice to work with, IMO on a par with Frontpage or Word for editing HTML, but I prefer it because it creates very clean HTML output, much easier to read and with fewer proprietary tags/logic.
Another idea which might be useful for you, if you know how to access Usenet, have a look at alt.html .  This is basically a bulletin-board type group like this one, but usenet newsgroups tend to have dozens or hundreds of people actively reading/posting to them, so you get a very strong knowledge base to work with.
Trying to get greater control over HTML layout is always an art, a science, and a little voodoo, so experienced advice with specific page layouts can be very helpful.
Also, in general, Use Tables.  They are the best way to get control over your layout.
Sent by Don Dascher on 12/09/2002 07:46:18 AM:
I am a beginner to this foxweb development process.  My interest is in building Web Applications.  I am investigating the use of a single FWX file to process the form fields and subsequently return the HTML code for the next page sent back to the user all in a single FWX file. 
It seems to have a lot of promise.  However, my question is about the control of the position of the data entry fields with the HTML code.  As it is now, I am just putting these INPUT statements into the HTML and they just show up on the form in the order you put them in and I have to real control over where they go (precisely).  I can use the <p> or <br)  to push them down to next line or <CENTER> to put them in the middle but other than that not much control.   Is there a standard method for dealing with this or is there no way to do that ?