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FoxWeb requires that you enter each host name and/or IP-address that will be used in URLs in the Virtual Hosts grid of the FoxWeb Control Center. For example, in this case you would need to add a new row to the grid and enter "mike" in the Host Name column. If this is the only virtual host on your server, then you don't need to populate the Program Root column.  For more information please refer to the FoxWeb Configuration topic of the FoxWeb documentation.

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Sent by Michael Pena on 12/18/2002 02:14:26 AM:
I'm having problem in accessing the Foxweb server installed on Windows 2000.  I'm using Personal webserver.   Whenever I call the *.fwx files on the client computer link to the server, whether directly or using GET or POST on HTML, I always get the message "No program root has been configured for domain "mike"
My home page directory is c:\webdevelop  alias http://mike
I tried calling my HTML file with http://mike/chart.html   which calls the script "SaveData.fwx" on the submit button.  The HTML page is Ok but when I clicked on the button the message above appears.
Can anybody tell me why?  I need this solution as soon as possible, because my boss wants to purchase this system, before the end of January.