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Ok ... Continuing on with this concept ....
When I disabled a textbox, the text in the box is dimmed to a point where it is not comfortable to read.  Is there any means of preventing the text from dimming ?  
I know I can use READONLY, but that does not work for SELECT tags and I would like to have a consistent look throughout.
Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 12/13/2002 01:47:18 AM:
>>What is your VIEW mode about ?<<
In my applications cEditMode is set to VIEW when displaying a record which the user is not permitted to edit (all controls showing data related to the record will be disabled).  This may occur a) if the user has just selected a particular record, but not yet pressed the 'Edit' button, or b) the user does not have the necessary permission to edit the record (in which case the 'Edit' button should also be disabled).