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I am running Foxweb 1.29 on a Windows 2000 server.  This system has passed through many hands, and the original install cds are not available.  We are trying to migrate from NT4 servers to the 2000 server, and because we don't have the disks we are doing this all by hand.
We have basically mirrored the setup of the NT4 servers on the new machine, and we can get Foxweb up and running, nine channels are open.  We have Foxweb.exe in a cgi-bin directory and IIS is pointed at that.  When we hit one of the Foxweb-generated pages though, we are getting "There are no open channels".  We have Foxweb set to 9 channels, and they are all showing "Ready" in the Foxweb configuration.
I am a little mystified by this.  We are locating Foxweb correctly and talking to it, the error message is Foxweb-generated, so I am not sure where to go next.  Somehow we are talking to Foxweb but Foxweb doesn't think it has any channels open.
I saw a similar problem earlier on this board, but none of what was in that seems to apply to our case.  (I am not sure if the other person in that case actually had any channels set in the configuration).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.