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>>You said you use DW for HTML editor, so how do you like DW with foxWeb.<<

For me, it works very well.  I love the WISYWIG aspect of DW, and cannot understand why so many developers swear by band-coding HTML without any visualisation of what they're doing.

>> I also use DWMX<<

I haven't looked at DWMX yet.  How does it differ from DW 4.0?

>>Do you change the file extensions of the FWX files to ASPs before modifying?<<

With DW, you don't have to.  Just associate files with a .fwx extension to open with DW from within Windows.

>>Can you implement any of the  behaviors native to DW, or DW extensions,  to the foxcode for example paging through a table or cursor and showing appropriate navigation buttons.<<

As far as I know, anything you can create with DW can also be used with Foxweb.  The main difference is that anything between %% tags will be interpreted as Foxpro code instead of VBScript that would be expected in a .asp page.

>>I really like DWMX, but at this point using it with Foxweb only uses a fraction of its powerful features.<<

Such as?  You are now whetting my appetite to give DWMX a try-out.