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>>I Looked at the Foxweb forum, noticed the dates on the messages and could ( and still can) scroll down a few inches and be looking at messages from this past summer.  That gave me the impression that not much was being discussed on the forum.  I still wonder about that.<<

That could also be interpreted another way - the product may be so stable and the documentation so complete that very few questions need to be asked, hence few messageboard postings. 

I'm not saying that Foxweb is perfect by any means, but compared to the competition it is relatively easy to use, the support (via. the forum and is very good, and the documentation is easy to understand.

>>I was ( and to be honest still am) looking into the Westwind product.  However, after fooling with it for some time, it became apparent to me that even though I did not question the power of the product, it came at a heavy price of having to go through a steep learning curve.  I also shy away from too much unnecessary complication and I felt it with WW.<<
I went through the same evaluation about 18 months ago, before I settled on Foxweb, and came to the same conclusions as you mention above.  It annoys me why so many people have gone with WW because of the "it's a more popular product, therefore it must be better" attitude.  If only more developers had given Foxweb a fair trial, I'm sure they may not be working with WW now.  It reminds me of a lot of businesses using Microsoft software because it comes from Microsoft, not necessarily because it's the best tool for the job.