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Thanks.  I literally have just a few hours logged using Foxweb, but it sure does work well so far with some basic forms I've thrown together.  I just sent in my order and hope to start working with it much more in the near future.  Thanks again for sharing a snippet of upgrades for the next version of Foxweb...they ALL look very useful, especially the [Objects that will simplify display and editing of data]. 

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/11/2002 08:41:50 PM:
We typically release minor updates to fix known bugs and major new versions to add features to the product.  The final list of features and release date for the next major version are not set at this point, but a lot of work has already been done.  Here are some examples of features that are in the works:

- Additional components, including an SMTP component for sending email from within scripts.
- Enhancements to the Session object, including the ability to utilize sessions even cookie support is disabled or the browser does not support cookies.
- Enhancements to Auth object, including the ability to work with encrypted and case-sensitive passwords.
- Performance improvements.
- Objects that will simplify display and editing of data.
- Additional configuration options in FoxWeb Control Center for finer control of FoxWeb behavior.

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Sent by john hays on 12/08/2002 08:08:58 PM:
Is there another version of FoxWeb coming soon.  If so, is there a list of new features and feature enhancements for the next version and projected release date?   I'm 99% sure at this point that FoxWeb is a better choice for my project than the other product (WWWC), but would like some assurance that going forward FoxWeb will be going strong as well.