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Hi Alan,

just curious about something.  You said you use DW for HTML editor, so how do you like DW with foxWeb.  I also use DWMX...mostly for ASP apps, but I've found some things quite difficult to work with using Foxweb.  Do you change the file extensions of the FWX files to ASPs before modifying?  I've found this to be somewhat helpful as some of the foxcode will be color coded an easier to read during dev.  Can you implement any of the  behaviors native to DW, or DW extensions,  to the foxcode for example paging through a table or cursor and showing appropriate navigation buttons.  Just curious how involved you make DWMX to help with some of the dev. time.  I really like DWMX, but at this point using it with Foxweb only uses a fraction of its powerful features.  Any tips you can send my way regarding Foxweb & DW are greatly appreciated.


Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 12/11/2002 04:23:58 PM:
>>I would like to be able to insert <%=  somename.html %> into the FWX file and have it get processed just as though the HTML was actually in the FWX file.  Then I could create the data entry forms with an HTML editor and use it in my FWX file without having to physically move it from one file to the other.<<

If I understand your request correctly, you can already do this.  Why not just edit the .fwx file with your HTML editor?  I do this with Dreamweaver and my favourite text editor (TextPad) all the time.  After all, the .fwx file is just a HTML file with a few %% tags inserted.  Most HTML editors will take files of any extension, not just .htm or .html)